"Innovative. Passionate. Soulful"

Artists ACaprri and Astylez are back with their most creative and heartfelt project yet! Aphrodisiac is more than just an ordinary mixtape, it is a collaboration of story-telling and lyrical flow. Exclusive singles from the tape are out now via soundcloud! 

Peterburg, VA

Everything's For Sale

Man oh man have we got a sick tape for you! Byd Ent. artist Big Dev released his mixtape the beginning of March 2017, an we have got to say......this man got  bars! He packs such originality into just a short rhythmic mixtape. If you haven't heard the lyrical set yet, you must check out the tape. Big ups to a production well done, can't wait to see what's next for this up and coming artist.

Trouble, Seven Figgaz

Artist Seven Figgaz has done it again with his new single "Trouble." He is known for his witty punchlines and humorous flow, which he takes to a whole 'nother level in this classic banger. Stay on the hunt for his album release date, we know we will! (Click image)

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