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Adrian Dajour Price, better known by his stage name Astylez, is an American hip hop recording artist, singer, songwriter, and producer. Born in Washington DC, and raised in the DMV area, he began his musical career immediately after graduating college. With influences like Lil Wayne, J Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, it’s no coincidence that his music is based around lyricism and the art of storytelling. As a producer he goes by the alias Ayze or Ayze Beatz.

From a very young age, he always had a love for art and music, but never really realized his true potential to create music that could influence and help change the world. Astylez was given his name through a freestyle, after being the only member in a small group of rappers that didn’t have a stage name. After graduating college and getting fired from his job, working as a manager at Chipotle, he decided to take his music career serious. Over the next 3 years, Astylez began developing as an artist and taught himself how to make beats. He often has a unique approach to beats and shows his diversity through his selection of beats in itself. With a unique storytelling flow, he prides himself as an unordinary conscious rapper that strives to excel in every aspect of the game. He takes the different segments of art in order to create a diverse sound that keeps his fans guessing.


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